How to Get a Girl to Like You Learn How to Flirt With a Girl!

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  1. I am in a rut right now =/. The girl I like i believe used to like me, and now i don’t know. She looks like she likes my friend. So i will try to use the tip: Get her attention and keep it” Maybe im not talking enough =/.
    Auf Wiedersehen.

    • Hi Auf,

      Sorry to hear about that rut you’re in. What makes you think that she doesn’t like you anymore? Usually girls aren’t that finicky.

      Either way, be sure to talk and get her attention but make sure not to be try-hard. Nothing turns a girl off like desperation!


  2. There is this really pretty girl I like but I haven’t been able to get to close to her. One thing is that I can’t ever get her alone to talk, she knows who I am and loves playing with my hair when she thinks I’m not paying attention. My friends are lets just say immature and constantly making jokes, making the situation akward. What should I do around her to show her I like her but doesn’t leave me open to any humiliating jokes.

    • Hey Landon,

      It looks like you’re torn between your friends and the girl.

      If YOU don’t want to make jokes at her expense, then don’t. Her AND your friends will respect you more if you stand up for what you believe in.

      To show her that you like her, invite her somewhere just you and her. That way she’ll get to see the real you without the immature jokes coming from your friends.


      • Thank you for the help my friends have accepted the fact that they have to be mature around her. The problem now is that I can’t get her alone to talk to her. What should I do?

        • My pleasure, Landon.

          Getting her alone doesn’t have to be hard. While a proper date would do the trick, this may scare her off.

          A better strategy is to “pull her aside” (not literally of course) the next time her and your group of friends are hanging out.

          For example, if you’re at the mall as her to go to H&M to pick out a new T-shirt. This is a low pressure way for the two of you to get some alone time.


  3. So there is this girl that I like and we talk every so often but, every time we talk she seems like she can careless if we talk. Trust me, Im good about asking questions and having a good (not awkward) conversation but I don’t know what else I can do.

    • Hey Vincent,

      I’d consider changing the conversation tempo a bit. Instead of asking questions, tell her more about yourself.

      You’d be surprised how much a gal appreciates a man that opens up to her : )


  4. there’s a girl i like and she knows that i like her and sometimes we talk after school when were waiting for the bus. I want her to like me back but how do i do this?

    • Hi Eric,

      Well how did she react when you told her you liked her (or did she find out another way?).

      That will tell you more than any article!


  5. the girl I like is always around a friend who doesn’t like me.thoughs FRIENDS will NOT even GIVE ME a CHANCE.what should i do?

    • That’s a tough situation. Unless you’re the rugged tough guy type no girl is going to date a guy that her friend hates.

      Is there any way you can make the friend see the great guy that I’m sure you are?


  6. I used to be able to talk to my crush a lot but ever since someone told her I like her it’s been awkward. What should I do?

  7. I am kind of dating one girl since the 4th grade and she is nice and all but there is a new girl that I have a crush on and I talk to her and make her laugh but I dont know what to do!!

  8. We had to do square danceing for pe and this girl always asks my to dance with her,and a little bit ago I found out she liked me but when the music stopped she left to talk to a friend a her other friend asked if I like her so I said sorta knowing she would the the girl I like.
    What should i do!

  9. their is this really cute girl i like but she wont talk to me because last year i had some stomach problems and i smelled and im sort of an outcast now so how do i get her to like me if she thinks im gross please help

  10. i also have bad teeth that are really crooked so this on top of the stomach issue is surely a total turn off

  11. Theres this girl at school that i like. I talk a lot to her, and we are having a lot of fun just talking. I told her i liked her but after she never brought that up in a conversation again. how do i know if she likes me back?

  12. I asked her out and she said yes but I got accepted to this amazing high school and there are only a few weeks left in middle school she and all my friends are sad I’m leaving. The point is the school is really far away and I might not see her often if at all what should I do?

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