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How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School

How to get a girl to like you in high school? This is the question that burns on the mind of lonely young men in grades 9-12. But is it really possible to go from single guy with no girl to someone that knows how to get a girlfriend in high school? Absolutely! But you can't do it alone. Getting a girlfriend in high school (or even middle school) is a different ballgame from anywhere else.

While the same basic rules of dating and relationships apply anywhere on Earth (after all, people are people no matter what grade they're in), figuring out how to get a girl to like you in high school does have a few unique wrinkles. Learn these and you'll be the school player. Ignore them and you'll probably be alone for all of high school (and maybe even beyond).

How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School: Similarities

Let's leave the stuff specifically pertaining to how to get a girl to like you in high school for a bit and give a brief overview of how to be an attractive guy that girls want.

  • How to flirt with a girl: Knowing how to flirt properly is an absolute must if you want to have any chance of getting a girlfriend. Why is flirting so important, you ask? Because flirting is the girl's way of evaluating your potential as a romantic partner in her life. Although it seems silly to say, flirting does say a lot about you. For example, if you're someone that cracks under a high pressure situation, it will show when you're flirting with an attractive girl. If you're uptight then you will get offended when the girl inevitability takes a few cracks at you. So take the time to really understand the ins and outs and how to flirt and you will boost your game considerably.
  • Get girls to notice you: To get a hot girl, you need to stand out. How can you expect to get an exceptional girl if you look like a run of the mill kind of guy? To get noticed, you don't need to throw out your wardrobe and start dressing like a rock star everyday. Simply having style and a bit of flash if more than enough to get girls to notice you (after all, girls are very observant!).
  • How to tell if a girl likes you: To understand how to get a girl to like you in high school it's a must that you can tell if a girl likes you more than a friend. If you do get to the point where a girl is into you, you must be able to see this. If you don't, the girl may get bored and move onto something (or someone) more interesting.

How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School: Differences

How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School

What makes high school different than other venues, like college campuses or middle school? After studying this problem for a few weeks (after all, I graduated from high school many years ago), I've come up with three main factors that separate the study of getting a girlfriend in high school from anywhere else: social pressure, emphasis on "cool" and maturity.

As you have probably experience firsthand (and didn't need to ready an article on how to get a girl to like you in high school to realize), high school is a unforgiving jungle of different social classes. You have the jocks, the nerds, the rich kids and the losers. It's going to be very hard to get a girl to like you if you don't belong to or associate with one of the "acceptable classes". Why? Because the social pressures in high school are so strong that a girl won't typically date anyone below her own social circle. Tragically, this is true even if she likes you. Your first step is to a) determine your current social circle and b) try to move into another if necessary. A change in your social circle is a great way to meet entirely new girls as well.

Next up in our lesson of how to get a girl to like you in high school is being cool. Of course, there's no manual that can teach you how to be cool. In fact, part of the paradox of being cool is by not trying. But there's no need to go out and buy fancy clothes or purposely start playing instruments in order to be cool. To me (and most girls) being cool is as simple as being confident with who you are as a person. For example, if you believe that you are a cool guy and act non-needy around others, then people will probably think you are cool just by the way you tend to act. It may also help your CQ (Cool Quotient) by taking on interesting hobbies and activities such as yoga, weight lifting, volunteering and painting.

Finally, we have the issue of maturity. Although not often discussed by experts in content about how to get a girl to like you in high school, maturity is VERY important to girls in high school. In fact, I'd go as far to say that girls simply will not date a guy if he's not perceived as being mature enough. So how can you easily demonstrate that you're mature? The best way is to simply do what others your age are supposed to be doing. For example, playing with action figures is not considered mature. On the other hand, having a part-time job or your own car is seen as very mature.

How to Get a Girl to Like You in High School: You're the Man!

You're now fully armed with everything you need to know to get a girlfriend. So stop reading and start putting these nuggets if wisdom into practice. By doing so you will know more about how to get a girl to like you in high school than any of your peers.

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