How to Get a Girl to Like You Learn How to Flirt With a Girl!


How to Get a Girl to Ask You Out

As a guy that once struggled to get any attention from girls I often wondered if a girl would ever date me. Whenever I went to school or to the mall I always seemed to see some popular guy walking hand in hand with some girl that he was dating. At the time, I thought that he just "had it" while I didn't. Fortunately, I eventually learned that I was wrong about some guys being naturally attractive to girls and that it was possible to learn how to get a girl to ask you out on a date.

I know it sounds hard to imagine, but if you get your life in order and kick proper game, you will have girls asking you out day and night. Without further ado, here are my top pointers for getting a a girl to ask you out on a date:

1. Look in the mirror: I know it's hard, but try to objectively evaluate yourself and your look. Are you the type of person that a girl would ask out on a date? Do you carry the confidence and charisma that makes people naturally gravitate towards you? If not, then no article can teach you how to get a girl to ask you out.

You need to upgrade your wardrobe, your look and your posture before putting yourself out there. Fortunately, you can upgrade your look by 250% in 90-seconds by simple standing up straight, replacing glasses with contact lenses and trimming those stray hairs (you may not notice them but girls definitely do!)

2. Get out there: I understand that you want to learn how get a girl to ask you out on a date, which is totally fine. Read all you can from both male a female authors in order to get as much perspective as you can. But you need to be actively meeting new people as often as you possibly can.

This doesn't necessarily include online dating, although that's something to consider. I'm talking about putting yourself out there and meeting new people by joining clubs and organizations. One of the best places I use to meet potential dates is a website called At this website you attend events with like-minded people. It's like going to a bar or club where you're encouraged to come alone and mingle!

No matter how you decide to go about things, just keep in mind that the goal is to MEET NEW PEOPLE. These could be men or women, it really doesn't matter. By meeting new people you will expand your social circle and ultimately increase your odds of meeting a cute girl. You could be the coolest guy on Planet Earth, but if you spend all of your time alone in your room, you're not very likely to meet someone new.

3. Don't try: One mistake I notice that guys tend to make is to try too hard to get a date. Remember: women have a super-sensitive radar system that detects desperation. Instead of looking to figure out how to get girl to ask you out, instead make a pact to make new friends. If you stick with it, you will meet an attractive and interesting girl that you will want to date and will want to date you as well.

How to Get a Girl to Ask You Out

4. Flirt, flirt, flirt!: No one said looks weren't important...or did they? A research study published in the October edition of Journal of Communication Quarterly discovered that girls rated flirting ability above looks in a scale of attractive qualities in the opposite gender. I've said it once and I'll say it again: any guy that wants to know how to get a girl to ask you  out should learn how to flirt. In case she doesn't make the move herself, may also want to read my article on how to ask a girl out.

And if you feel that you need to stand out a bit more, read up on how to get a girl to notice you.

These cover the skills any guy needs if he want to get a date.

5. Establish standards: Ironically, you need to make it hard for a girl to get you if you want her to ask you out on a date. Girls love the thrill of the chase and will be much more likely to make a move (which girls very rarely make) if she thinks that you are a difficult catch.

Make yourself the prize to be had.

6. Be patient: Remember that even though it's the 21st century, societal norms make it so the man is expected to ask the girl out. If there is a girl out there that likes you, it may take her a while to build up the courage to ask you out. But if you're patient and give her the time she needs, she will eventually make her move.

Although it may not seem possible that one can learn how to get a girl to ask you out, I hope you can see that it's a skill that can be taught like any other.

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