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How Do You Get a Girl to Like You In 7th Grade

Seventh grade is a big step. You’ve just come out of sixth grade and very soon you will be done with middle school and high school will be just around the corner. Girls can be very tricky, especially in middle school. Here’s the million-dollar question: How do you get a girl to like you in 7th grade?

Right about the time that you are transforming into a brand new person and trying to discover exactly who you are, you start to realize that you are very interested in girls. And girls of all age can be very confusing! Luckily for you, we have put together a few steps that can help you solve this very tricky problem. So if you are a 7th grader and want to figure out the answer to the age old question of “how do you get a girl to like you in 7th grade” then please read on.

1.    Talk to her

You would be surprised at how many guys have a hard time talking to girls. This can be a little nerve-wracking if you don’t have much experience with it, but don’t worry! All it takes is practice, just like riding a bike! You may have a few butterflies in your stomach at first, but trust us when we say that it’s worth experiencing the butterflies for the benefits. If you really want to answer the question of “how do you get a girl to like you in 7th grade, then the first step is most definitely to start up a conversation with her!

Now we understand that the girl you like can make you more nervous than other girls you know. If you want to make yourself less nervous, then you should consider talking to other girls first. Get used to talking to girls so that if isn’t too awkward when you start up a conversation with this one.

2.    Never fake it if you want to find out how do you get a girl to like you in 7th grade
You should always be yourself, especially around girls that you like. This might be a little difficult, especially because you are still trying to figure out who you are, but that’s OK. The bottom line is that you are showing that you are comfortable with who you are. And this in turn will make her be more comfortable with you. You might think that you are just not athletic or smart or charming enough to attract this girl, but you are probably wrong. If you think she likes more athletic guys, there isn’t anything wrong with picking up a new sport. Just don’t change who you really are on the inside.

3.    Make sure you are often on her mind.

If a girl is not thinking about you then that means she is probably thinking about someone else. You need to make sure that you are at the forefront of her mind, especially because there are so many distracting things like homework in middle school! Sit closer to her in class. Flirt with her. If you really want to figure out how do you get a girl to like you in 7th grade, then this is going to be very important. Sit next to her at lunch and talk to her or ask her if she wants to study a little bit after school. You will be in a great position to get this girl to start liking you now.

4.    Stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be just another shy middle school guy. Don’t act just like the guys who you think are cool. You need to have something about you that she thinks is cool or fun or even simply interesting. If you are more interesting then the other guys that she talks to, what do you think that she will do? She’ll talk to you more! She’ll want to get to know you and she’ll talk to her friends about you. Always remember that if something is different or scarce in life, it is probably somewhat valuable. If you do this you will have no problem with the issue of how do you get a girl to like you in the 7th grade.

5.    Talk to her friends

One of the coolest things that a guy can do is talk to a girl’s friends. If a girl’s friends like you, then you are in very good shape. This is usually because a girl uses her friend’s opinions to figure out what she thinks about a given situation. This can happen even subconsciously. If her friend likes something or thinks something is cool then she is much more likely to think so too. So talk to them and hang out with them. Even flirt with them. You can never fail if you choose to use this tactic.

There are many different ways to solve the problem of how do you get a girl to like you in the 7th grade. From talking to her friends to doing something cool to stand out from the crowd, you have many options to grab her attention and keep it.

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  1. Great. I’m actually in 6th grade and a little on the pudgy side, but I’ll lose some weight over the summer and try it out. I’m sure I’ll remember it, and it’ll be hard (usually girls come to me), but I’ll try anything once.

    • Yeah Paul! I’m sure you’ll be the man this summer. Please let me know if you need any advice.

      • Hey
        there is this girl(s) at School Wich I kinda like (not in love with), but I dont know if she/they really likes me. I mean that no girl has ever really liked me in a boyfriend way. Because I have skipped a grade and are not tall nor handsome. There are these girls who always comment about how cute I am etc. But I think that they think of me as a little brother (know, since one girl said she thought of me as a little brother). I have been really close with one girl, we kissed and huged alot, she was the one that said that she thought of me as a little brother, But last year we got in a fight and she became a b**** for no reason. Plus some of my friends does not approve with my relationships with this girl. Im in the 7th grade btw

        • Hi Sean,

          Well I think it may be time to reinvent yourself. If girls see you as younger and less mature it may be time to step up your maturity.

          I’m sure you’re already mature enough for the girls but you just need to SHOW it a bit more. Then you’ll be all set.


  2. Im in the 6grade but i see this girl everyday and i try to talk t her but she just acts like im not there and ignor me most of the time,and no i don’t go to school with her,but…..yea i wud really apreciate some help. thanks ,i allways act my self around her but i just really want her to like me, help plz

  3. Hey Preston,

    Thanks for your question. Does she ignore you or has she not noticed you yet?

    Remember that she sees dozens of people everyday, and if she doesn’t know who you are, she may not look at you. I’d recommend approaching her and chatting with her so she can get to know you. Also, do you have a mutual friend?

  4. I’m in the 6th grade and likes a girl but she knows when I flirt and she tells her boyfriend to hurt me even though he’s my best friend. What do I do?

    • That’s a tough situation Jmack. Please let me know if you need any tips!

      • The girl I like still doesn’t like me when I do the tips that you have but she always telling the teacher if I sit next to her that she has problems with me. And I have no idea what I should do. I really like her and she changed a lot cause I knew her since we were in kindergarten.

        • Hi Jmack,

          Maybe it’s time to try another girl for a while. This may help this one see you in a new light.

          If the girl is really worth it then she’ll wait for you.


    • I know what you mean thats happend to me before too, i just moved seats and it workedzombies

  5. Ok I like a girl I’ve known as a good friend for about 2 years, but I’m graduating 6th in the fall and she’s sort of ignoring me now. What do I do?

    • Hey Jophrey,

      That must be rough. The best thing you can do is talk to other girls. If she is ignoring you it may be a test. If you show her that you’re not needy and have lots of cute girls in your life she’ll come running back to you.


  6. haha funny thing is my friend showed me this and then he tried to use it on me(yes i am a girl) haha it was funny because he had the steps written on his arm and i saw it…. then he tried it on my BFF and IT WORKED!!!!! lol i will never forget that…

    • No way!

      Well I guess my advice works. As a fellow girl maybe I shouldn’t me arming guys with such powerful weapons ; )

      I wish him and your BFF lots of love!


  7. im in grade 7 and i like this girl in grade 8 how do i get her want to go out with me?

    • Hey Josue,

      I’ll be honest: it’s not going to be easy. Most girls prefer older guys.

      But don’t take that to mean it’s not possible! All you need to do is to show her that you’re as mature as an 8th grader.

      How do you do that? Well, try to act independent, show an interest in “adult things” (like movies and TV shows), and act like you have a direction in your life.

      Remember, like age, your grade is nothing but a number!


  8. Hey Susan,
    I’m in 7th grade and this girl I really like, (known her for about 2-3 years) and right when I was thinking she likes me, BAM! One of my friends told me she liked my bro (closest friend). I have a fo-hawk, am around 5ft. 2in. and 104lbs. Anything I can do to get her to like me?

    • Hi Jack,


      The first thing you need to do is talk to your bro. Ask him how he feels about the situation. It’s not worth losing your friendship over a girl (despite the fact that you’ve known her for 2-3 years).

      Then, just be yourself and non-needy. If you think that she knows you like her, it may be time to back off a bit. That way, she’ll get to see how awesome you are.


      PS-I really dig fo-hawks ; )

  9. Hi I sort of like this really popular girl and she doesn’t even know I I exist when it et to talk to her she told me to get a life what do I do?

    • Hey Jake,


      Based on your details, I think she probably had an issue with your approach –and not with you.

      Well, considering you talked to her she DOES know that you exist. Considering that she is popular, it’s going to be a bit harder to win her over. In 7th grade, popularity is EVERYTHING. Even if she thinks you’re the man she may stop herself from dating you because of what her friends may say.

      The solution? Take the spotlight off of her for a while and work on yourself. Then she will love the “New Jake”.


  10. There’s a girl I really really. I think I’m in love I can never get my mind off her but anyway she’s popular we know each other but were not like real friends we will joke around sometimes but were not real friends shhe always smiles and waves to me and we joke around. There’s hints she likes me but I’m not sure cause she’s really friendly. But another thing is to she’s really confident around me. Do you think she likes me?

  11. Im in the 7th grade and I am starting to like this one girl I am a little on the fat side about 130 at about 5 1′ or 5 2′ and she don’t even talk to me I try to make small talk but she has no interest in me… She is one of the popular girls….. What do I do??

    • Hi Ronnie,

      It sounds like you may need to do a little work on yourself. I’m sure your weight isn’t so bad, it’s how you VIEW the weight that’s keeping you from getting the girl.

      Remember that girls are much more interested in confidence than how a guy looks. If you carry yourself with confidence than you can get any girl you want!

      I know this isn’t easy to do but it’s a must!


  12. Im in 7th grade and i like this girl and every time i try to talk 2 her she says im a creep what should i do

    • That’s a tough one Robert.

      First, I should say that I’m sure you’re not a creep.

      I’d recommend giving her a healthy distance for a while and see how things go from there.


  13. Susan plezz help im in 6th grade and im getting out in less than two months and i really like this girl and i dont know how to talk to her i make her laugh every once and a while but i want to take it to the next lvl and i want to ask her out
    Susan plez help me

  14. Hello, I’am in 7th grade and I’am about to advance to 8th grade in a couple of weeks. The 7th and 8th grade play this game like family and the girl I like is my “mom”, but the problem is, I dont know if she likes me or what. So, I was at the bus stop and she walked by me and we hugged and this girl asked if we were a couple. I know what that means and also I need to know whats going on.

    PLz reply ASAP.

    Ty, Ryan

  15. I,m in grade 7. There is a girl i like. I have known her since kindergarten. She is popular. So many other guys like her. I sit next to her in english. We talk quite a bit, but i dont know how to get my feelings out. it feels weird cause we’ve been frinds so long. HELP! <3

    • Hi Daman,

      Transitioning from friends to more than friends isn’t easy!

      The best way to do that is to start acting different and more mature. This way she will see you in a different light and may reconsider how she feels about you.


  16. Hi Susan. I am in seventh grade and i like this girl named Miranda but i don’t know if she likes me or not. she says she does but i don’t know if she honestly does you know?? we text and i asked her out and she said ill think about it and i tell her i love her and she says it back but i just cant figure her out.. most of her friends like me but i don’t know if its true. think you can help??

    • Hi Dylan,

      If she says she does then she DEFINITELY does. No girl will say she likes a guy unless she does. It sounds like she’s ready for you. Go for it and ask her out!


      • i did and she said she wants to wait and it was like 3 months ago. do you think i should ask again? i dont wanna make it feel like im rushing her or anything.

  17. Hey Susan!

    I’m in 8th grade and more towards the lean side weighing 94 and having a height of 5 “2 and i really have a crush on this one girl and she seems to be ignoring me but we used to hang out all the time during lunch break. what should i do?

    • Christian,

      Sometimes girls ignore guys when they start to have feelings for them (which is ironic, I know).

      The best thing is to ignore her for a while and see how she responds. If she starts talking to you more often then you’re probably good!


  18. Hi I like this girl in grade 7 (which I’m in) but at the start of the year I teased her a bit and now I’m to nervous to ask her small qestions what should I do.

    • Hi Jordan,

      There’s nothing wrong with teasing a girl. After all, teasing is just another word for flirting!

      So get that out of your head and start carrying the confidence you had when you were teasing her.


  19. Hello again,

    My best friend likes the girl I like but I think the girl I like likes me more than him. What should I do?

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