How to Get a Girl to Like You Learn How to Flirt With a Girl!


How to Get a Girl to Like You: The Definitive Guide

Wondering how to get a girl to like you? Use my insider secrets and she'll run into your arms today. Are you ready? If so, grab a pen, some paper and a Red Bull and get ready to learn everything (and I mean everything) there is to know on the subject of how to get  girl to like you. In order to make this guide as simple as possible, I’ve decided to put everything in step-by-step format. That way, you’ll be able to go from A to Z (and by Z you should have a girlfriend!).

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 1: Appearance Audit

Although looks aren’t nearly as important to girls as they are to men, that doesn’t mean you should throw on any old clothes and only shower a few times per week.

Upping your appearance from a 5 to an 8 is an absolute game changer. In fact, increasing your style and conveying a winning personality are two of the most important ways to become more attractive overnight.

Here are some quick ways to improve your appearance (you may also want to check out: for more fast and easy ways to look better to girls).

Avatar: No, not the movie. When I say avatar I’m describing the overall impression you give someone when they first lay eyes on you. Do you look like a guy who just searched for how to get a girl to like you or do you seem like a guy who can get anyone he wants?

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 2: Social Circle

Ask most couples how they met and at least half will say: “We met at a party” or “He was a friend of a friend.” Forget bars, clubs and malls: the best way to find a girlfriend is to know one of her friends. The business equivalent of talking to a girl at a bar is cold calling someone at their house during dinnertime. But meeting a girl through connections is like meeting a potential client after coming highly recommended from a former customer. Although it may seem have little to do with how to get girls to like you, expanding your social circle is actually very important for your dating life.

Fortunately, you can get more friends and dates in a few days simply by going out there and meeting people. Of course, you want to be able to attract girls wherever you go so that when you do meet a girl, she'll be yours. But it's also important to play the numbers game and meet as many people as possible by joining clubs and groups that have people that share your interests and passions.

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 3: Reject Game

How can I possible describe game – something that has thousands of books, magazines and articles written about it—in a few hundred words? Easy. My weird philosophy on game is this: forget it. Yes, most people say that having so-called game is a must for knowing how to get a girl to like you, but I disagree. The only game you need to get a girlfriend is to be confident, congruent and successful. The rest is noise.

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 4: Do Something With Your Life

For anyone but guys interested in how to get a girl to like you in high school, you should understand that one of the first questions that pops out of a girls mouth when she talks to you is, “What do you do.” While some girls may simply be looking for conversation fodder, most are trying to get an understanding of your life.

In other words, are you fun, exciting and rich or uptight, boring and broke? No matter what your profession happens to be, make sure that you give off the impression that you spend your days doing something that excites you (if that's not possible, then read how to spin your boring job into something chicks love).

As an aside, getting easily excited about the things in your life is one of the lesser-known tricks to make girls attracted to you.

Even if you’re a student, tell her about your skateboard design side-business. And if you don’t have anything cool to say then do something cool. There’s no excuse for not living life to the fullest!

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 5: Thrill of the Chase

If you’ve gotten to the point in your studies of how to get a girl to like you that you already know how to flirt with a girl, how to tell if a girl likes you and convey a winning personality and life, all that’s left is getting to yes. Paradoxically, to do that, you need to act somewhat disinterested. Even if you think she’s into you (or even especially if you think that), then you need to back off a little. No need to be rude, just act like you have better things to do or other things going on in your life. After a few days of this, try to kiss her or hold her hand and see what happens. If she says “no”, it’s not a big deal. Just back off for a few weeks and build up a stronger relationship.

How to Get a Girl to Like You Step 6: Loose Ends

Even if you had no clue of how to get a girl to like you before my guide, I hope that you’re at least a little more knowledgeable than before. I’m not going to lie to you: the subject of how to get a girl to like you if a lifetime school that never ends. Fortunately, learning in real-life with actual girlfriends and romantic adventures ensures that you’ll have fun along the way.

In summary, to get a girl to like you, make your appearance near-perfect, expand your social circle, avoid discussions of game and become the one that is chased.  Once you have these skills down then you’ll officially become a grand master of how to get a girl to like you and you’ll be teaching other guys exactly how it’s done!